Half Day Dolphins


Dolphins were the highlight of our half day adventure on Wednesday. Muriel the eagle-eyed guide spotted them splashing in the distance so we headed their way and were delighted when they came to play with the boat, bow riding, leaping and showing off in typical common dolphin fashion. 

The bow can be a good place to see the dolphins bow riding up close

Most of our guests headed down to the bow of the boat to get the best close up view and we could even hear the dolphins whistling to each other. A group of at least twenty with some youngsters and they were definitely socialising, they swam in very close groups twisting around each other and were in no rush to leave the company of our boat in search of fish. 

 Happy faces as the dolphins come alongside to visit

We had followed the dolphins away from the coastline so headed back in to Bayble island where we often find many nesting guillemots and kittiwakes but were surprised to find it virtually empty, all the chicks having flown the nest. We spotted a few of these chicks out on the water alongside their fathers who will teach them how to fish. As we headed back towards Stornoway the mist descended, but thankfully it was already clearing as a huge white-tailed eagle swooped overhead. We located the nest but could see no chicks so Muriel scanned the cliffside and sure enough spotted one of the chicks perched on a lower rock, fledged from the nest and exploring it’s surrounding area. We didn’t see the other chick but hope that it’s just a little more adventurous than its sibling and still strong and healthy. 

 Checking the stern of the boat for any action

Another great day out on MV Monadhliath, please join us soon!