Frequently Asked Questions...

Make sure you leave enough time to park your car. Parking can be limited in Stornoway during holiday season, so please check in advance. The good news is if you are travelling across by ferry from Ullapool there is free parking in town where you can leave your car and come as a foot passenger, saving money too!

Remember that you are going out to sea so no matter what a lovely day it is on shore, you will need extra layers and waterproofs to make the most of your trip. We would recommend good footwear, a fleece and even perhaps a woolly hat. If it is sunny then a peaked cap and sunglasses (polarising are best to reduce glare) can help you see much easier.

We have a small galley kitchen where you can make tea, coffee and we have biscuits and sometimes cakes too. Please feel free to bring further supplies, but try to make sure they are non-spillable – i.e. soup is not the best!
Our overnight cruises are fully catered however so just bring any other favourite snacks if you like.

Come to our Booking Office at 22 North Beach, Stornoway 30 minutes prior to the boat departure time. This will give us time for a Wildlife Briefing from our guide.

If you have any difficulties in the hour before your trip, please call +44 ( 0)7789 971070 and speak to a member of the crew. Please note that this will NOT connect you to the office.

Please make sure you have read our terms and conditions of booking and cancellation. These can be found at the foot of this page. Occasionally due to weather or unforeseen circumstances, Hebridean Adventures may need to cancel a trip or cruise. You will be contacted by email and text message to offer an alternative or a refund. Please make sure we have an up to date email and contact number for you. We will also post on our Facebook and website -

Unfortunately, no. But we do know of 2 places that provide doggie care. We haven’t tried them, so cannot vouch for them but feedback has been good.

Yvonne Bissell - 01859 540332 or 07973 815262

Tiumpan Head kennels at Point. 01851 870472

Yes we do. We have an indoor seating area too.

If you think you may suffer with motion sickness, please take all necessary precautions beforehand. These can include over-the-counter medications and acupressure wrist bands. Ginger biscuits and tea can also help. Please note that we will not return to shore due to a passengers seasickness as this is unfair on other passengers booked on the trip, so be prepared.

Yes, life-jackets are provided and fitted by the crew.You will receive a full safety briefing and guidance on what to do in an emergency. Your safety and comfort is our priority.

We have a supply of binoculars and sunglasses on board, but feel free to bring your own. Don’t forget your camera.

Please consult with us before booking! We are happy for young children to accompany you, at least 5 years old normally, but please remember this is a working boat and as such there are hazards such as steep steps and of course, the sea. All children must be supervised by an appropriate adult at all times, and only YOU know how YOUR children will react to being on a boat. Please be aware if they get seasick and there are other passengers on board then we will not return to port early as that would not be fair on them obviously.

Babies are not really recommended unfortunately - sorry.

Access onto the boat is not wheelchair accessible and people with limited mobility may have difficulty getting aboard. Being a passenger on the boat requires a reasonable level of mobility and we ask you to carefully consider whether this is an appropriate trip for you. Please feel free to contact the office to discuss and we will do our best to provide any support that may be required.