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St Kilda Big Adventure Cruises

Dual UNESCO World Heritage site and nature reserve + home to the UK's largest puffin colony. A magical place full of history.



This is a real adventure! Join our 6-night cruise from Stornoway in the Outer Hebrides, to the UK's most remote archipelago of islands - St Kilda, 40 miles out into the wild edge of the Atlantic. The UK's only dual UNESCO World Heritage site and nature reserve managed by the National Trust for Scotland , this is a very special place and not easy to get to. A real bucket-list adventure and definitely one to remember. You will also get to see the Outer Hebrides and the Minch, enjoying the amazing sea and coastal views from on-board our converted fishing boat, the Monadhliath. Then there is the wealth of wildlife from whales and dolphins, to eagles and puffins - a nature-lovers paradise.


2 nights anchored at St Kilda.

2 nights anchored at St Kilda.

This really is an experience to be savoured so we spend 2 nights anchored at St Kilda.

1 full day ashore on Hirta.

1 full day ashore on Hirta.

No need to rush - you will have a complete day ashore to fully explore the settlement at Village Bay and take a walk up onto the hills to marvel at the views.

Seabirds galore!

Seabirds galore!

See the UK's largest puffin colony and the world's largest gannet colony.

Cetacean highlights.

Cetacean highlights.

We sail through Scottish waters rich in whales and dolphins. Local species often seen usually include minke whales, common dolphins, and harbour porpoise as well as white-beaked dolphins, Risso's dolphins, humpback and fin whales. Orca are sometimes in the area also of we are really lucky.

Visit the Shiants.

Visit the Shiants.

On the cruise you will also visit the lovely Shiant Isles located in the Minch. They gave their own seabird colony too and a fascinating little bothy to explore if it is empty when we visit.






Stornoway to Isle of Harris

Meet in Stornoway at 1300 and transfer to Tarbert on Harris via our minibus, where we board the MV Monadhliath. Enjoy a welcome drink and a talk on the trip ahead then time to settle in before we head for our first night’s anchorage further south along the coast of Harris, travelling through cetacean and seabird rich waters. There will be a chance for a brief walk ashore before supper and prepare for an early start for St Kilda.



Harris to St Kilda

If weather and sea conditions allow, and at the skipper’s discretion, we will be making our way to the St Kilda archipelago which will take most of the day but is well worth the effort. There will be growing anticipation to see first Boreray and Stac Armine before the main island of Hirta appears over the horizon. We will spend the first of two nights in Village Bay.



St Kilda

We intend to have a full day ashore if weather allows to explore the island and the village and learn about the cultural history of this dual UNESCO World Heritage Site.  Plus, you have nearly a million seabirds to take in! Spend our second night at anchor in Village Bay.



St Kilda to Taransay

We head back to the Isle of Harris and aim for Taransay and the sheltered waters of the Sound of Harris, home to a varied array of bird and animal life; seals, red deer and otters along with both diver species and waders. We will hear the haunting calls of these birds as we anchor overnight.



Taransay to Harris

Today takes us eastwards through the Sound of Harris and back into the Sea of the Hebrides and a chance of more cetacean encounters with species such as minke whales and short-beaked common dolphins.  We will anchor on the east side of Harris.



The Shiant Isles

Today we head for the Shiants and a chance to get closer than ever to its seabird inhabitants, plus more great chances of seeing feeding minke whales and possibly new species of dolphin, the Risso’s and white-beaked dolphins, along with the ubiquitous harbour porpoise.  There is also a high chance of spotting both of Scotland’s eagle species, the glorious golden and the huge white-tailed (or sea) eagle. If the weather and conditions are good we hope to anchor at the Shiants overnight. If not its just a short hop over to the sheltered sea lochs of Lewis instead.



Back to Stornoway

Our final morning sees us say good bye to the Shiants with one last look around the islands by boat maybe. We will then start heading back up along the coastline of Lewis towards Stornoway through some great cetacean holding waters so we will be keeping our eyes open as always for minke whales, common dolphins, Risso's dolphins, sea eagle and more....


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Single Person

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St Kilda Big Adventure Cruises

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