Top 10 Amazing Dolphin Videos

After getting a great response to our last 'Top 10' of whale videos compiled by our brilliant researcher Sophie Ranson, we had to follow up and ask her to hunt down her favourite top 10 dolphin videos from around the globe! So it's over to Sophie once again for more amazing moments provided by these wonderful and intelligent creatures. We hope you enjoy them. Over to you Sophie...

Dolphins are flippin’ remarkable creatures. Quick-learners, they are some of the most highly intelligent and playful cetaceans in our world’s rivers, seas and oceans. We sadly couldn't feature all the world's marvellous dolphin species on this list, but we hope you’ll enjoy viewing our favourite ‘Top 10’ dolphin videos! We even snuck in a 'ringer' that we couldn't resist including.

Warning! May contain some silliness. 

10. Porpoise need love too!

So where better to start our countdown of dolphin videos but with one about harbour porpoise! Well, we couldn't leave these brilliant little fellows out could we and we probably couldn't give them their own Top 10 list so here they are to start the ball rolling and it's a rare underwater view...

Species: Harbour porpoise

Location: Norway

Video credit: WeDive TV

9. The Rare Pink River Dolphin

Dive into the world of these elusive creatures: the largest river dolphin. These freshwater dolphins use sonar and whiskers to navigate the murky waters in which they live. While famed for their pink colour, pink river dolphins are initially born grey before changing colour. Their final pink shade is determined by a range of factors: behaviour, capillary placement, diet and sunlight exposure.

Species: Pink river dolphin

Location: The Amazon

Video credit: BBC Earth

8. Dolphin talk

Anyone speak ‘dolphin’? Like humans, dolphins use a highly-developed language system. While using ‘clicks’ for echolocation, whistles are used to talk to other dolphins… and perhaps even to other species too! Every dolphin is thought to have its own ‘signature whistle’ that can be used to identify an individual. Scientists are trying to 'crack the code'.

Species: Spotted dolphin

Location: Bahamas

Video credit: Quartz

7. Spinner dolphins

Watch in wonder at this super-pod of spinner dolphins! It’s no wonder where they got their name: the gymnasts of the ocean, spinner dolphins can jump up to 10 ft -- spinning multiple times in one jump.

Species: Spinner dolphin

Location: Costa Rica

Video credit: Netflix

6. Pass the puffer

Dolphins are highly social creatures, dependent on interactions within their tight-knit social groups (pod) to survive. Asides from hunting, mating and defending themselves, pods also take the time out for another imperative activity: ball games! And with a poor old puffer fish at that...

Species: Bottlenose dolphin

Location: South Africa

Video credit: BBC Earth

5. Surf's Up Dolphin Dudes!

This is an experience of a lifetime for this surfer caught on a drone off the beaches of LA in California. How cool and we are a little bit jealous we have to admit...

Species: Bottlenose dolphin

Location: Los Angeles, California

Video credit: Animal Antics

4. A ‘super’ super pod

Where food is plentiful, multiple dolphin pods form to create one ‘super pod’. These super pods usually occur in the deep ocean and can feature 1,000+ dolphins! But when multiple super pods meet, it’s a sight like no other...

Species: Spinner dolphin

Location: Costa Rica

Video credit: John Downer Productions

3. Playing at the bow

Back to our home waters of the Outer Hebrides in Scotland, watch a pod of short-beaked common dolphins play at the bow of our boat. These playful creatures are found in good numbers dotted about Scottish waters in the summer months and are regular visitors to the boat on our wildlife cruises.

Species: Short-beaked common dolphin

Location: Isle of Lewis and Outer Hebrides

Video credit: Hebridean Adventures

2. Dolphins Jumping for Joy

Get up close to the infamous dolphin jump. Scientists suppose these majestic creatures perform jumps for numerous reasons: communication; play; and cleanliness - such as the removal of parasites, to name a few.

Species: Bottlenose dolphin

Location: Madagascar

Video credit: BBC

And finally here is Number 1 favourite dolphin video in our countdown - we hope you have enjoyed these but would love to see any others you have or have found and want to share with us on our social media pages. :-)

1. Swimming with dolphins using GoPro VR

A truly immersive experience and second only to the real thing: GoPro VR is once again blowing our minds. 

Species: Atlantic spotted dolphin

Location: Unknown

Video credit: GoPro

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