The 2024 Cruising Season on the MV Hjalmar Bjørge

Next year will see some changes to the choice of cruises on-board the Hjalmar Bjørge, with more charter opportunities.


Dear friends of the Hjalmar Bjørge, The Northern Light Cruising Company and Hebridean Adventures.

You will notice a change in our scheduling for 2024 in that due to a very busy tour operator charter season, we have scheduled less of our own regular itineraries for next season on the Hjalmar Bjørge from Oban but will be offering more time slots as private charter opportunities instead. She will continue to operate under the banner of The Northern Light Cruising Company for the time being, as well as being advertised by us at Hebridean Adventures. You will be able to book the tour charters direct via the tour operator websites.

We will still be retaining some of our most perennially popular island hopping and wildlife watching itineraries on the calendar to satisfy guests old and new. These will include our "Spring Watch Mull and Inner Hebrides”, “North Rona and Sula Sgeir”, and “Focus on St Kilda” cruise itineraries, as well as one brand new summer itinerary to be announced soon!

Advance bookings have already been coming in before we have even been able to publish our 2024 calendar which will be out very soon now following this announcement. Therefore, please don’t delay and get in touch as soon as you can to book your place or talk to us about a private charter for up to 10 people. Perhaps you already know enough fellow guests and family or friends to have your own charter!? If so, what are you waiting for? You will also benefit from a 10% charter discount for booking the whole boat.

For our regular and previous guests, we also encourage you to let us know if a particular charter week might be of interest whether you are a single, couple, or larger group. We will maintain an interest list and if we get enough names, will contact all parties to try and agree an itinerary and put a cruise together for you all. In this case you will continue to benefit from your 5% repeat guest discount.

For bookings or general enquiries, please contact Hjalmar Bjørge Customer Service Manager Michelle Baron by email at, or by phone at 01599 555723.

If you have any more specific queries at all about any of these changes, future opportunities, charters or cruises, please do get in touch with us at the main office via and we will look forward to talking with you.

For commercial, corporate, media or scientific charter opportunities, please contact our Business Development Manager, Paul Sharman, at

Thank you for your continued support and we sincerely hope we can look forward to welcoming you aboard the Hjalmar Bjørge in 2024 and beyond.

David Lambie – Director,

Paul Sharman – Business Development Manager,

Michelle Baron & Linda Wallace – Bookings & Customer Service Managers,

The crew of the Hjalmar Bjørge.