Returning Life (May and June)


What a choppy and windy start we had to our season, with unpredictable weather and wildlife. It made it difficult sometimes and meant that the binoculars would sometimes not get filled with blows or splashes for days. On the other hand we got a taste of the animals life. They have to deal with changing weather all the time and can't check any forecasts, to decide where to go for fish or shelter. It does make one wonder how can they know where to go and when to stay in shelter. It truly is remarkable how well adapted and knowledgeable the wildlife around us is. 

When ever we did get to see wildlife, it was usually connected to new life starting. Big white tailed eagles (sea eagles) sitting in their nests, waiting for their chicks to hatch. Plenty of birds returning to the Islands and getting their burrows and cliff nests ready. It is always nice to see the animals return and gives us the hope that soon we'll see the familiar fins, wings and blows on the horizon again.