Going on a cruise in Scotland? Here's our recommended kit list.

Going on a cruise in Scotland can make for difficult decisions in terms of packing. Will it be hot, cold, sunny, rainy, windy, all of the above?? What should I do about seasickness and midges? We have some suggestions below for items and products that will help make your packing easier and give you some peace of mind that you have everything covered before you travel, whether with us on the Hjalmar Bjørge from Oban with Hebridean Adventures, or someone else.


We are often asked about our recommended kit list or what to bring on board to make your cruise holiday with us more comfortable. We obviously have many years of experience under our collective belts and have come up with this list which gets sent to you when you book with us, but we thought we would share it here in the blog so it is also accessible to anyone searching for help with cruise travel in general. 

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Bring sensible clothing and footwear (such as boots or stout shoes) including waterproofs, hats and gloves for shore visits, and for time spent on deck. Wellingtons are not essential unless you like to wear them for walking. Footwear may get wet during any beach landings but you can always go ashore barefoot carrying shoes. Dress is informal (no dressing for dinner).


Do not bring hard-sided suitcases. Space is limited in cabins and you'll have more space if you bring soft bags which will stow away more easily than suitcases.


You are welcome to bring laptops, tablets, cameras and other devices. There are “regular” 240v power sockets in your cabin for charging batteries, etc. We don’t have hairdryers, but feel free to bring your own which can be used whenever the engine/generator is running.


If you have your own pair of favourite binoculars then please do bring them along with you. You will find them very useful for getting close up views of the wildlife, as well as other things we might see such as castles, ruins and lighthouses for example. We will have a stock of loan binoculars board just in case.

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Other Items

Please feel free to bring books, guides or maps, sketch-books, paints, fishing rods (if they fold down) etc; whatever will enhance your holiday. Also consider bringing polarised sunglasses, sun-lotion, sea-sickness remedies and midge repellent. Don't forget some lens wipes and cloths or tissues for removing salt spray from your glasses and other optics. Please never just wipe them with a dry cloth as the salt crystals could scratch your lenses!


The Hjalmar Bjørge is fully stabilised and was built in Norway for unforgiving Arctic waters, so can easily handle any seas. Suffice to say therefore that she is a very stable boat. However, you will sometimes feel the motion of the sea. A small number of guests do sometimes get seasick and as we want you to enjoy your holiday we may alter our route if our original plans will force us into heavy seas. It's always a good idea to come prepared for possible seasickness. 

Bring tablets with you and then you probably won't need them! Most of our passengers seem to favour “Stugeron” or “Kwells” which you will find in chemists and pharmacies. 

Other people swear by ginger, either taken in the candied form, biscuits or tea to help settle your stomach, and there are also acupressure bracelets which can work for some, worn on the wrist. Patches are a newer remedy on the scene and many people seem to find they can work also.

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Midges and Biting Insects

Midges are not a problem while at sea. However, during the summer months, you may encounter them if you go walking on any of the islands, along with deer flies and horse flies. Some islands are more prone to midges and flies and the crew will advise you on this. You are advised to take suitable precautions such as covering up (long sleeves, trousers and a midge-net for your head) and/or applying repellent creams/lotions. There are many proprietary midge/insect repellents on the market such as Smidge which is one of the most-often used.

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