Life Unfolding.


Tales from Grey Haven 

A flock of eider duck, the handsome males looking very bright right now.

Here at Grey Haven, nature is ready for spring and the birds are busier than ever and make me feel lazy. The way they have to prepare for the coming months really amazes me. The endless gathering of nesting material and protecting their nest sites. Knowing that a lot of them will migrate back to their overwintering grounds after going through all that is quite impressive! 

Pied wagtail on a rock along the cliffs.

It is so beautiful to watch them all flying back and forth, hearing the songbirds singing in the mornings and just see life unfold. Beside the birds, my neighbour sheep are all very round right now and look like little balls of wool on legs. They will lamb any day now and I can’t wait to introduce some lambs to you! 

 Rock dove collecting nesting material on the moorland.

Life is so rich and full and I really hope you can stay healthy and happy where ever you are. 

All the best, 


The diver species are still in their drab winter coats along the coast.