I Believe I Can Fly


Tales from Grey Haven 

One of the really busy seasons is now over. No - not like, spring, autumn or summer… Lambing season in the Outer Hebrides of course! Here at Aird on the Isle of Lewis, with the little ones exploring the world, walks just get that much more exciting. Well to be honest they probably think they are about to conquer the universe, as every single one of them is the strongest and most fearsome fighter! One just can’t help but to fall in love with those cute faces (sorry fierce faces :-D). 

Today was really busy and the last sunny day for the next little while. So I spent a lot of time watching white-beaked dolphins, minke whales and a whole lot of feeding seabirds. These are some of our main species seen on the Scottish wildlife tours we would normally be running on our boat at Hebridean Adventures right now in a normal year. At least I can still see them from shore to share with you. 

I checked on the oystercatcher nest as well and was pleased to see that all three eggs were still intact! The fulmars are very skittish right now, so I am waiting just a bit longer to check on the nests and will probably have long gaps in between updates on them. I don't want to disturb the already stressed parents. With the skuas being ever so present, I also don’t want to risk one getting the opportunity to snatch an unprotected egg or chick. On the positive side, the Minch and cliffs are covered in arctic terns at the moment. They are so, so beautiful, and quite honestly one of my favourite birds. I really do like all the different species, but the terns won my heart in no time. 

On my way home I stumbled upon some playful lambs and the race was on for real. I left them as they were discovering that even though they can jump off a large rock they still can’t fly. Somehow I just can’t help but imagine them having a serious conversation with their mums, kind of the same way little kids do. “Mum if I jump off the roof with a cape can I fly?” Since the roof is a huge no-no(!!!), we used to jump off big rocks when I was a kid, just to fly for a little. 


(To all my scientific friends, I promise that I’m able not to anthropomorphise in serious subjects :D.) 

Any way I really hope the stories and pictures cheer you up until you can come visit us in the Hebrides and join us for a whale, dolphin and wildlife watching cruise to remember! 

All the best and keep dreaming big,