Happy days at sea


The definition of a happy day at sea can be different depending who you talk with. Back in the past, a happy day was determined by the way the ship and crew returned to the harbour, or the sound of the anchor chain when they found a calm sea-loch. The stories those old sea dogs brought home could probably fill whole libraries! Defining a good day, by the catch, sea state, winds, a great crew, safe crossings and the moments that formed a pack out of all those sea dogs, young and old. In this blog I'll try to take you with me, on a day I would call a happy one. 

After our guests have found their spot on the boat, one of my favourite tasks needs to be done. It's time to let go the ropes and coil them into their locker and corners. As boring as it might look, I actually love that part and a good day starts already when I can coil the ropes in sunshine rather than rain. Then I join the guests on the top deck and start to scan for wildlife.

As we pass the Arnish lighthouse just outside Stornoway, our home on the Isle of Lewis, we make our way into the Minch and usually we find a couple of porpoise as we turn towards Chicken Head. On the day in question we had to wait a bit longer to find our first cetacean, but little did we know that it would turn into one of the really happy days! First sighting was a group of Risso's dolphins, thankfully I was able to take a picture of a face as the dolphin surfaced. The boat was filled with "Awws" and I can't blame anyone for falling in love with those lovely creatures! 

As we made our way back south we found between 150-200 common dolphins! The ocean was boiling with dolphins and we were soon surrounded and they were leaping out of the water all over the place. The dolphins were so close that we could hear them whistle as they were bow riding! And then it happened; my goose bump moment! I watched the guests thoroughly enjoying their close up interaction with the dolphins, with mothers coming over with their calves to then turn onto their side and make eye contact with our happy, smiling passengers. 

These are memories that will last and create that special bond, and I can't put into words how much I love being able to share those moments with our guests! So here's to many more happy days aboard the Monadhliath with you. 

We are booking day trips at the moment into the start of September so there's still plenty of time to join us if you are local or on holiday. We promise you'll enjoy it! Send enquiries to linda@hebrideanadventures.co.uk or call us on 07871 463755.