Hooray to our first wildlife trips of the season!


This white-tailed eagle gets a peck from a hooded crow to move on

It’s always exciting to start a new wildlife-watching season here in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland, not knowing what lies ahead and what the next months will have in store for us! This season was definitely off to a good start for all our bird lovers aboard. We have some great new eagle locations and were able to get some spectacular sights of hen harriers interacting with them too. Observing them fighting each other and sometimes chasing the eagle off! The cetacean sightings were a bit scarcer than what we would have liked probably thanks to the late spring up here. Nevertheless we were still able to find the occasional minke whale and dolphin pod to delight our eager guests. One of our highlights will always be the gorgeous sight of the Shiant isles surrounded by wildlife. Especially puffins, razorbills and guillemots, we are delighted to see more fulmar and kittiwake activity there now too. Beside all the wonderful and unique wildlife we enjoyed some of the most beautiful scenery Scotland has to offer! 

Female hen harrier in flight