First client trip of the year

Monday 8th April 2019 - This morning saw nice crisp early spring weather for our half day wildlife cruise..with a keen group of wildlife enthusiasts on board ..both young and more experienced. Unfortunately several days of easterly winds coming straight at us off the Minch left the sea a little choppier than we like which made spotting some of the most sought after species particularly tricky. But nonetheless we were lucky to see some good things.
We were happy to find good numbers of seabirds are back in the area after a winter spent further out to sea. This was a good indicator of their food being present. We were treated to great views of guillemots and black guillemots or "tysties" in both summer and winter well as stong numbers of jet black razorbills. Spectacular adult gannets patrolled the seas and gatherings of shags were also out fishing. Fulmars were both rafting on the sea and present on their tufted grassy clifftop nesting sights. A highlight was great views of a pair of adult white tailed eagles perched together on a headland clifftop.

We were very privileged to see all 3 species of British diver..great throated and red throated! A distant skein of migrating wild geese were spotted heading north towards their high latitude breeding grounds (good luck on your travels guys!) ..whilst early summer visitors we spotted were a great skua and a wheatear.

Curlews..oystercatchers..herons and ravens were other birds that we observed whilst enjoying the stunning coastal scenery. We also had some great views of grey seals both swimming and "bananering" at a haul out spot.

A great morning to be out in the Minch watching wildlife - we hope you will come join us soon on one of our half or day trips, or better still, sign up for one of our 1, 3 or 5 night wildlife cruises around the islands of the Outer Hebrides. All details and bookings are online via

P.S. ( I believe a porpoise was glimpsed by one of our younger guests with sharp eyes - but the rest of us missed it sadly - next time!)