Experience the Art of Slowing Down


The past two years and countless lockdowns taught us that slowing down is okay. We are always rushing everywhere - to go to work or school, do the groceries, and finish our everyday chores. Travelling should not be rushed. You should immerse yourself in the place you are visiting and slow down. An increased number of people choose to travel slowly, with 83% saying that they enjoy immersing themselves in the local culture.  

Slow travel allows you to experience a destination like a local in a meaningful way. Its essence is taking the time to appreciate the journey, the destination, the people. It’s about forming connections with a place and keeping it in your heart forever while at the same time being responsible and helping our planet too. 

At Hebridean Adventures, we know the value of the fantastic gifts our planet has to offer, such as our diverse wildlife. With our MV Monadhliath fully converted former fishing boat, you can enjoy scenic cruises that will create a transcendent experience. You can become at one with nature while cruising around the Scottish Hebridean islands and the west coast of the Highlands. Or, if you fancy changing your sea legs for land, you can explore the wildlife of the Isle of Skye in a 4x4 minibus. The hills and mountains of Skye are home to marvellous creatures – such as golden and white-tailed eagles, red deer and otter and seals on the peaceful shorelines. So, what are the benefits of travelling slowly?   

You become more mindful 

We are constantly searching for the next best thing that will improve our lives, and often all we need to do is be more mindful and appreciate what is right in front of our eyes.

Holidays and travelling are so much fun, but there is a certain pressure to see and do everything and by the end of your holiday – you need another one to recover. So, take the time to slow down, take a deep breath and enjoy the moment. It’s better than mediation! 

You help the environment 

By choosing to stay in one place for a longer time, you minimize the impact of travelling on the environment. We all know that planes are notorious for CO2 emissions, so choosing the right type of transportation – such as trains, is better for the planet, plus you get to enjoy the journey, not only the destination. Why not make a start on that book that’s been sitting on your to-read list forever? 

You connect with the locals 

Here at Hebridean Adventures, we believe travelling is the only experience you spend money on that makes you richer. Richer in experiences, making new friends and even finding more about yourself. What better way to get a sense of a place than to learn more about it from the locals? It’s much more fun to do it that way than reading it in a guidebook.