Common Dolphin


Common dolphins, or more correctly, short-beaked common dolphins, are often found travelling in large pods of anywhere from around a dozen individuals up to 50 or 60 or sometimes even superpods of hundreds if you are lucky.


The short-beaked common dolphin (Delphinus delphis) is a medium-sized dolphin, smaller than the more widely known bottlenose dolphin. Adults vary in length from five to eight feet and range in weight from 100 to 136 kilograms (220 to 299 pounds). Males are generally longer and heavier than the females. They have a wide creamy-white patch or stripe to their sides which tapers towards the tail. They frequently approach boats and enjoy bow riding, often turning on their sides it seems to get a better look at who is above the surface. They are quite acrobatic, often moving fast through the water with plenty of leaping and breaking of the water’s surface. A firm favourite of our guests and ourselves alike as they are always entertaining.