Common Buzzard


Buzzards are the most common bird of prey in the UK — spotted in cities and the country alike. While found in most regions, greater numbers are typically observed in Scotland, North West England and Wales. Spot these magnificent birds in good weather, perching on pylons or high up over hillsides.


With a wingspan of 4ft, a buzzard’s large size makes it distinguishable from other hawks, which tend to be much smaller. But many still confuse the bird with a golden eagle, so much so it’s often referred to as the ‘tourist’s eagle’. That’s despite the golden eagle’s wingspan being 3ft larger.

Brown with varying patterns, a buzzard’s plumage provides the perfect camouflage for hiding in foliage for hours, waiting for prey — such as small rodents — to pass by. A helpful trick for catching food for this slow bird, which is unlikely to catch prey on the wing. Framing its feathers are also yellow legs and talons, and blunt wing tips.