Close Encounters of the Cute Kind


Tales from Grey Haven.

With everything going on in our lives, at least nature can provide some heartwarming scenes and these encounters are needed more than ever right now. All my life is about going into nature to find my path. I remember very well that I would run into the woods for a cool off after an argument with my parents, or to reset my mind and get back on track as a kid. To this day nature is still the best cure for many mind bugs. This is what makes me so happy to share some of my wildlife stories from the Outer Hebrides and beyond here on this platform and bring a piece of nature to you.

Fulmars are a member of the tubenose family of birds.

After a morning working on the laptop, a stroll outside feels like freedom, and this particular one turned out to be one of my favourites. Well, as I made my way to the cliffs, I had a look at the fulmars that where flying about. It always stikes me how pretty their little faces are, as they fly past just feet away. As I got to the shore the wind picked up and there were some terns close to the water, very precisely avoiding the waves that formed underneath them. As I sat there and watched the waves hit the rough, rocky shoreline, the air was filled with the ocean scent. That was all I needed to refill my batteries. It actually took me back to my time in Canada and to a funny moment I had on one of the boats that I worked on. That fresh ocean scent I talk of is known and loved by anyone that works on, or at sea, and in a way it gives one a very homey feeling. In Canada we used to lift our noses into the air, take a deep breath, and say: "If only we could bottle that scent and take it with us wherever we go."

The otter has a little roll around on the seaweed.

On my way home I found an otter running about the rocks. Then he found a bed of seaweed that was uncovered due to the low tide. The little animal checked it out and decided to have a wellness break. The pictures speak for themselves luckily as I can't quite put into words just how cute this was. What a way to end that stroll! 

This otter decided it was time to just chill out and relax.

May you all be connected to our mother nature and feel how healing she is.

All the best,