Challenges of Life


Tales from Grey Haven

We all face our own challenges in life. Some seem almost unbearable, but we somehow power through because life is worth it. The will to live is in every plant, animal and is the core of our existence no matter how big or small. The will of surviving is one of the strongest connections we have with wildlife and nature in general. It always amazed me when my nephew and niece saved little bugs, bees and were very compassionate when ever they saw  an animal struggle, even though they were just toddlers. It goes to show how deep we are connected from the very beginning and how unfortunately this compassion often gets buried under our own struggles of life. I feel hope in our global struggle we face right now, since it forced us all to slow down and really open our eyes and hearts again. There is a global togetherness now and all it took was a shared negative input to show us how connected we actually are. I really hope we can look at each other and reach out for help when need be. We are all able to feel compassion for our fellow beings on this planet, so be kind to yourself and others.

Here is the report of the day that inspired me for this blog.

A couple of days ago I went back to the oystercatcher nest and was soon accompanied by two shrieking birds. The parents tried their best to get my attention, even simulating a broken wing to draw me away from the chicks. Isn't that amazing, that they would sacrifice their lives for their chicks. Again I thought: "What a connection, knowing I would do the same to protect my family"! You might say it's all instinct which might be, but it still leads them to give their life for their offspring. Later in the day I was able to get the pictures of them chase away a buzzard again amazed by their determination to live. 

I hope this finds you in good health and safe, may we all spread some compassion.

All the best,