Big Boat Beach Clean with Clean Coast Outer Hebrides (CCOH)


For the first time ever, we’ll be partnering with the Clean Coast Outer Hebrides (CCOH) for the Big Boat Beach Clean. 

On 28 June 2021, we’ll be sailing out the MV Monadhliath to the Outer Hebrides’ inaccessible beaches and coves, collecting litter along the way. Often, this includes fishing waste — such lines and netting — and fish farm debris, which can cause significant harm to marine life. 

Marine pollution poses a serious threat to wildlife. Photo: Clean Coast Outer Hebrides

Everything collected will be recorded and classified, with information made available to funders and conservation societies, such as Fauna and Flora International. Besides holding organisations accountable, data recording is also beneficial for securing future funding for further clean-up activities.

But this isn’t CCOH’s first rodeo: since 2018, CCOH has strived to end coastal pollution, focusing on areas with historical tipping off cliffs. A monumental challenge considering the region’s 4,000+ km of coastline, 100+ islands and an estimated 860 tonnes of rubbish. Yet in just three years, CCOH’s impact has already been invaluable. Drone-mapping, for example, has helped realise the most effective locations for executing this work.

CCOH's work has been invaluable for the region since the organisation's inception in 2018. Photo: Clean Coast Outer Hebrides

Eager to get involved in this fantastic initiative? Click here for ways to take action.

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