Awesome sea eagles and penguin-like guillemots.

Clear skies and some welcome sunshine were enjoyed, despite a chilly north wind and spectacular views of snow on the distant mainland hills on this afternoon's wildlife cruise. Our enthusiastic guests proved to be great spotters too! We headed north up the Eye peninsula constantly on the scan, but also enjoying the bonny scenery. Activity was slow at first but after not too long the number of feeding seabirds increased, indicators of food in the area. Black guillemots, guillemots, razorbills and shags became more and more numerous as we cruised towards Tiumpan head. Adult gannets, fulmars and kittiwakes were also feeding, and sure enough a few sneaky porpoise appeared tantalisingly through the swell.

"...a few sneaky porpoise appeared tantalisingly through the swell."

 Today we had good views of both great and artic skuas.."the pirates"of these waters, sea hawks if you like. They were observed in spectacular chases of other seabirds - "hustling a meal". Several feeding frenzies of seabirds provided some energy and excitement today. All was well back on the seabird colony islet with penguin-like guillemots providing some smiles. Later another porpoise was glimpsed but it was the grey seals that gave us the best views today, and were highly appreciated by our guests in both "bottling & banana'ing" versions as well as several encounters to satisfy their curiosity - who's watching who??? Last, but not least, was a spectacular view of 1 of the 3 white tailed sea eagles that we saw today. An adult bird with talons outstretched in flight which to coin a phrases particularly "awesome". 

Red throated divers in summer plumage and migrating whimbrels heading north on their journey towards Iceland and beyond were also of note and great to see. We hope you will join us on one of our day or half-day trips or longer overnight cruises soon - there is so much to see!