And so the adventures begin!


It sure feels like a belated start to 2020 season and for many it was just a very long Spring. Therefore it's not quite right that on our first trip to the Shiant Islands we were already wondering how many puffins would be left, suddenly realising that summer is unfolding and almost over. I actually didn't know how much I missed the motion of the boat, but the feeling of home and peace as we hit our first wave, soon reminded me of the reason why I love this job! With the salty breeze in our faces we finally headed into our first adventure of the year! 

Looking back at our trips to the Shiants, it surely is amazing how different those Islands can be with only a week in between two trips. On the 22nd July we still saw many Puffins in the grassy hills and all around the rocky beaches, but as we got back on the first of August, all we found were some couples spread on the rocks but the hills were basically empty. May their numbers keep on rising so we can enjoy them again next year!  

Now with the puffins spread in flocks throughout the Minch, our main focus is on dolphins and whales, which hopefully will be around for the rest of our season. A highlight was when we had at least one pregnant short-beaked common dolphin bow ride and jump beside the boat, I was pretty sure there were a couple more bubbly/round looking dolphins about. It's always nice to see them healthy and strong especially when making eye contact, as they turn on their side while bow riding! 

Even though dolphins quite often are the highlight, our trips when we had no dolphins around were still great and filled with so many different seabird species and seals, surrounded by beautiful nature! 

We can't wait to go on more adventures with our guests and show them the stunning Outer Hebrides! We are booking trips now from Stornoway into September so please do get in touch if you are visiting and join us for your own mini-adventure, or perhaps come next year and join us on one of our amazing wildlife cruises around these waters. 

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