All-inclusive Cruises from Oban

Small-ship cruising on the Hjalmar Bjørge around the Inner and Outer Hebrides, including St Kilda.


Small-ship cruising around the west coast of Scotland, from the coastal Highlands to out amongst the famed Western Isles of the Inner and Outer Hebrides, is becoming more and more popular. The all-inclusive nature of these cruises gives a fixed price which is attractive, and the main departure location of Oban is easy to reach by road and rail.

Our MV Hjalmar Bjørge has been cruising these waters for over 20 years, visiting practically every island and skerry in that time, and she has one of, and perhaps maybe the best record of reaching everyones bucket list destination of St Kilda, 40 miles out into the Atlantic beyond the Outer Hebrides. That is largely thanks both to the design of the ship, being a former Norwegian rescue vessel built for the North Sea and beyond and fitted with stabilisers to help flatten the worst of any rolling, and the consistent skill and experience of our skippers over the years who have had decades of sailing these waters under their belts.

You are welcomed on board at the North Pier Pontoons in Oban with a refreshing drink and maybe some fresh warm scones or other treats straight from the galley. All our chefs have many years experience and come from diverse professional backgrounds in other tourism sectors like hotels or even other cruise ships, private catering, restaurants, etc. But all share a great love and passion for food and, in particular, local produce whenever they can source great ingredients or locally produced goods. In fact don't be surprised if you see us stop a passing fishing boat or pull up at a mussel farm on route, or see your chef wandering a quayside when in port chatting to the fishermen or visiting a local market.

But the real draw to cruising in the Hebrides is of course the amazing island landscapes and seascapes with all their Viking, Celtic and more recent history, plus the iconic Scottish wildlife that abounds here, including of course being one of the best places in Europe to see whales and dolphins, not to mention otters, eagles, deer, seals, puffins, gannets, and so much more. We have our own dedicated wildlife guides on many of our cruises, and others may have special guests hosts with their own skills and experience, again either in wildlife, or perhaps local history, photography, or other areas of interest. We try to offer a range of itineraries covering different aspects of the islands to appeal to everyone. The most common feedback we receive, apart from the lovely comments about the crew and food, is that while our first-time guests turn up as strangers, they feel like they leave as friends with the crew and their shipmates, having bonded over mealtimes and shared adventures on board and on shore excursions. This explains why over the years the Hjalmar Bjørge has built up such a strong repeat guest list, with most years seeing up to 75% returning guests which is fabulous, thanking them of course with a bonus discount. 

We also offer private charters, giving anyone the chance to get their own group of guests together and we will talk about a bespoke itinerary to suit them. If you fill the boat this costs no more per person than a regular cruise, and in fact attracts a discount with our thanks! Then there are our partner charters too. We work with several specialist tour operators in wildlife, art, photography, and other disciplines, who charter the Hjalmar Bjørge for their own hosted cruises. We can also host film crews and researchers on board who need access to our waters for their own projects subject to availability. 

So we hope we might look forward to welcoming you on-board sometime soon, whether for the first time or as a repeat guest, and as always are more than happy to answer any and all questions you may have about cruising around the Hebrides with us at Hebridean Adventures on the Hjalmar Bjørge.


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