A puffin a day...

... will keep our guests happy in May! 

Monday's full day trip saw perfect sea conditions and excellent visibility. We headed towards the Shiant Isles in the Minch.. (which we later circumnavigated!) enjoying vistas that stretched away to the mountains of the mainland, Rona, Skye and even as far as the hills of South Uist! 

Due to such perfect sea conditions we had 15 separate sightings of 1 or more harbour porpoise. They are always a delight to see and of course a favourite with our guests. 

We also had many views of grey seals and we got some great chances to compare them with harbour seals too for our guests on board. Many puffins were also enjoyed, although at the Shiants themselves their numbers were not so high, probably due to a pre-breeding dispersal (female seabirds usually return to sea to feed frantically in order to produce a large single egg and get enough fat energy for brooding) ..puffins usually lay their eggs in May). 

Lovely views of razorbills and gulls plus a few bonxies (great skuas) terrorising the local inhabitants to regurgitate their food as this great photo by Tony our skipper shows... 

Cackling fulmars and calling kittiwakes, piping oystercatchers and trilling wrens enchanted our senses whilst at the Shiants where we anchored for lunch in this truly idyllic Scottish setting. 

Highlights were 12 white tailed sea eagles today in total, including 4 immatures circling us at the Shiants. 🦅
One of the best times to be out on YOUR Hebridean Adventure is now through mid-June or so for the very best of the breeding seabirds at the Shiant Isles. Dolphins and minke whales will be entering the mix very soon also, the first ones have been spotted in the area and that will increase as their shoals of food fish turn up. Our longer wildlife watching cruises around the Outer Hebrides of course give much more chance of spotting a wider range of cetaceans as we can travel much further searching for them.

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