A day around Grey Haven


Tales from Grey Haven

Looking across the Minch to the west coast of the Scottish Highlands.

What more is there to ask for than a beautiful sunrise in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland to start the day? There are certainly some days on which I don’t see much wildlife or the weather is not cooperating. But lately we had some fantastic weather and wildlife here at Aird just north of Stornoway on the Point peninsula. I also don’t tend to write about the duller days, since I feel we have enough dull information on social media and the internet right now. So here I will take you out on a beautiful day around my lovely home area.

Early wake-ups have sure paid off lately! Stunning sunrise after stunning sunrise and the birds are filling the air with their beautiful songs. It’s been a bit quieter when it comes to dolphin and whale activity, although there has been some sightings of Risso’s Dolphins by one of our friends Steve Dodd right outside Tiumpan Head. I must have missed them, but it’s nice to hear that they are there to be found. On my strolls I found one of the otters again, the little fellow sure knows his fishing business. It’s beautiful to see thriving wildlife and getting to know their routines and learning more about their lives. 

Another successful fishing trip for my local otter.

There have been some new birds that arrived lately, I saw my first red-throated diver, wheatear, skylarks and many more.

I can’t wait to show you the fulmar colonies via video soon too, they are such pretty birds and I have found some great nesting spots that I can take you to. The days are getting longer and longer and I will start to stay out all day now and just walk along the cliffs, to get a full spectrum of what is there to be found.

The fulmars have paired up ready for breeding season.

STOP PRESS: Well not much dolphin activity huh… I wrote the blog above a couple of days ago and meant to send it in today. Now… I have to write this little part here because I had this crazy encounter with some Risso’s dolphins today! I was just on the phone with one of my colleagues, Paul Sharman, as a I saw a big splash out of my living room window. Dolphins! “Sorry but I guess I better check them out”. Little did I know that they were about to pass right in front of me as I was standing on the rocky edge of the cliffs. One of them breached right in front of me and another one was playing with something he had in his mouth. There were about 3 juveniles and about 10 adults. WOW! I love happy surprises like these, especially when they come with fins and flukes!

Risso's dolphins seen outside Grey Haven. See our previous blog for details.

I hope I can bring you closer to the Outer Hebrides and fill you up with some nature and happiness!

Take care,