St Kilda Adventure Cruise

A 6-night adventure cruise from Stornoway in the Outer Hebrides, to the UK's most remote archipelago of islands - St Kilda, 40 miles out into the wild edge of the Atlantic. A dual UNESCO World Heritage site and nature reserve.

There are a few select adventures around the UK that should appear in anyone's 'Top Ten' list of things to do and a visit St Kilda should be one of them!

Please join us on our fantastic 6-night adventure from Stornoway on the Isle of Lewis as we cruise down along the coastline of Lewis and Harris and out into the Atlantic to this isolated group of islands steeped in history and home to a million seabirds.

We will spend two nights anchored at the famous site of Village Bay where the inhabitants of the main island of Hirta used to live until the last 36 were finally evacuated to the mainland in 1930, ending 4,000 years of civilisation on the islands. They found they just could not survive the harsh conditions any longer and so were relocated by the Government, a part of their history which has been well-documented in several books. You will have the chance to go ashore and properly explore the abandoned village and crofting buildings, now in the care of the National Trust for Scotland.

But the archipelago is not just famous for its heritage and history. St Kilda is home to its own species of wren, a super-sized field mouse twice the size of that found on the mainland, the largest colony of puffins in the UK, plus the world's largest gannet colony. In total, there are a million seabirds living around the islands, including on the highest sea cliffs in the UK, more than enough to keep any dedicated wildlife watcher busy!

On the way back to Stornoway, we will also have the chance to visit the lovely Shiant Isles located just off the coast of the Isle of Lewis too. A mini-version of St Kilda in many ways, and also home to many seabirds, including the second largest colony of puffins!

This truly will be a voyage to remember for a long time - we hope you will join us!




(6 nights)


Dates for 2020

Sat Jun 13th - Fri Jun 19th

Dates for 2021

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**Please note that whilst we try to make these trips accessible to everyone, the boat is not suitable for anyone with mobility issues due to the compact spaces and steep stairs descending to the cabins.

**Under 14s must be accompanied by a responsible adult on our overnight expeditions.


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